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"Animals are God's most perfect creations. They exude love, happiness, playfulness, patience, understanding and empathy. They have a way of letting us know they understand our feelings and they want to make us happy.

Their positive energy and playful spirits can lift even the saddest soul, add hope to even the most desperate of circumstances or ease the most critical pain.

Horses have been a constant companion to mankind, since the dawn of the pyramids. They are not burdened by the guilt of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow. They exist totally and completely in the present moment, acting as living channels of God's love and healing energy which transcends to us through the animals, to renew our spirits and help us feel a bit of heaven once again."





We welcome the press or local magazines to accompany us on visits to the various facitilies which we will be going to. To arrange a press visit, please contact the director.

Anne Rule,
Founder and Director
Hooves of Hope

Email: director@hoovesofhope.org





Hooves of Hope, was founded in 2008, and is based west of College Station, TX. Our mission is to use miniature horses and their natural ability to bring happiness, encouragement and hope to people, both young and old. Our ministry includes trained volunteer miniature horse visitations, Equine grooming and handling classes for children and Equine Facilitated Therapy programs for children and adults with mental or physical challenges. Our horses will be visiting local elder homes, hospices, nursing homes, veteran's homes, children's schools, children's homes, churches and other community and special events.

Hooves of Hope is run completely by non-compensated volunteers, and is a non-incorporated charity, operating in the state of TX. 100% of your donations will go directly to support the horses, their feed and keep, veterinary expenses, transportation charges to veterans homes and hospitals, hospices, elder homes, children's homes, rehabilitation centers, and community events, and much, much more. You can donate by going to our Donations page.

We have worked hard to establish a foundation herd of miniature horses that are well mannered and well trained. Our horses are all very small, with no horse being taller than 31" at the shoulders, and our smallest horse is only 24" tall. They are loving and very friendly and enjoy meeting and entertaining groups of all ages, from very small children up to elder adults. They have already entertained 1000's of people, in both small and large groups, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

We also help in miniature horse rescues. If you know of a miniature horse in dire straits, or without a home, please let us know by contacting the director. We do rescue miniature horses from time to time and depending on the circumstances, we might be able to take a donation of a miniature horse or a few horses, ift they are reasonably tame.. If you have a horse you would like to donate to us, please contact the director.

2 of Our VOLUNTEERS with B.B, a 2 yr. old colt

To Learn more about our volunteers, please visit our Volunteers page. To volunteer, please visit the Volunteer page to find out how to sign up.

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