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"The the Lord God said, 'It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.' So out of the ground the Lord God formed every animal of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them."

Genesis 2:18-19

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Whether we work with, care for, or are observers of animals and their amazing abilities to give comfort and help to human beings and each other, we are constantly amazed how they quickly learn and adapt, and seek to please everyone they meet.

As therapy animals or pets, as creatures that help maintain a vital balance in nature, animals enrich our lives and our world.

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"For it is in giving that we receive."

St. Francis of Assissi










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Hooves of Hope equine charity was founded in 2008, for the purpose of using miniature horses natural ability to bring happiness, encouragement and hope to people, both young and old and every age in between. We especially want to focus on those persons in our communities that are in painful or challenging situations, that are facing illnesses or long recuperations from trauma or just need a good cheering up.

We have worked hard to establish a foundation herd of very small, miniature horses that are well mannered, well trained, and very suitable and adept at meeting and entertaining groups of all ages, from very small children up to elder adults. They can work indoors and out of doors. Our horses are all trained to be well adapated to all types of Animal Assisted Therapies. This includes working with persons who have physical or mental challenges or limitations, including autism, MS, blindness, hearing impairment, and more. They naturally know when a person is in pain, and will go to that person to offer comfort. It is one of their truly unique and amazing gifts. They also sense when people are in emotional pain and will seek to offer comfort to individuals, even if those persons do not display their pain to the human world, the horses can sense it.

Our visitations are accomplished by several of our founders and several adult volunteers. Our volunteers for elder homes and hospices must be 16 years of age or older, or 12 - 16 and accompanied by a parent or gaurdian. All volunteers that visit your facility, have had numerous hours of training and guidance on horse handling and safety, working with persons in all types of settings and in all types of various wheelchairs and other types of mobility equipment. We never allow young children to accompany us to nursing homes, hospices, hospitals or any other places where persons may be ill or recovering from injury. We respect the needs of all persons in the facility for peace and quiet and privacy.

Our goal, is to provide a fun, encouraging, uplifting, reassuring and also spiritual visitation by caring adults and animals as well. Our horses are tiny, and are very gifted in working with people of all ages and sensing their needs, pain and any illness or apprehension they may have. They will naturally approach persons who are comfortable with them and want to be close and they will naturally avoid persons who may be afraid or uncomfortable with their presence. The horses have a natural ability to come to the aid of humans, and they have exhibited this ability hundreds and thousands of times over the centuries that horses have been the constant companion and often times the life-saver of mankind.

We use the horses in many ways, including allowing people to experience visting with them, petting them, brushing and grooming them, and watching as they interact with everyone. We always bring our camera, so we can provide your group or faciltiy of photos after our visit, to share with your group or post on your bulletin boards. Our volunteers will have the opportunity to groom the horses, and lead them on halter. All these activities bring joy and laughter, hope and excitement and fun to events of all kinds.

The horses will be working with many groups this year, including several local hospices, nursing homes, Christian children's homes, and other various children's groups and events. If you have an interest for them to visit your group in 2010, please contact the director to get on our calendar now. We generally ask for a minimum $75 - $150 contribution for 1 to 2 horses and 2 to 4 or more volunteers to visit for a minimum of a hour, to cover gas, feed, insurance and other expenses. Our horses are available on most Saturdays, and can occassionally make visits during the week during the summer, as volunteers are available. We are working to get our calendar online. Until we do, please contact us for availability and scheduling.